Diminutive Tetrininos

Doug here. I’ve been playing a lot of the original Tetris lately on my 3DS. The game truly is the king of replayability, and I’ll probably spend a lot of time dropping tetriminos until I have a few large blocks of free time to drop into skyrim.

I’m also playing the game with a purpose. A while back Steve suggested that all of the Beta Testers come up with re-imagined versions of the Tetris A Theme (a lot more on the melody itself later on). I’ve been playing the game to try and come up with some inspiration for how to modify the tune. My focus lately has been on how the game forces you to fit objects into spaces that appear to be smaller than the objects. In other words, the game requires you to figure out how to squeeze a T blockĀ  tetris into a two block wide space.

My first non crazy idea was to liken this to the musical process of dimunition, which shortens the lengths of notes in a melody. So I have been messing around with different ways to shorten the melody, which give it some different feels. Take a listen to this short example. The first is the original, and then each following example is inxeasingly diminished.


So this is what Tetris would have felt like if it had been created by an Irishman! I’ll have some more updates as I plug away on the music, as well as a history of the original tune.

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