Steve Lakawicz * Douglas Laustsen * Other Members

steve02 Steven P. Lakawicz, as President of Game Music Operations and Principal Tubist, continues to play a significant role in Beta Test’s growth and success since co-founding the company in 2011.

As President of Game Music Operations, Mr. Lakawicz’s responsibilities include video game music selection, arranging, and performance fidelity.  With over 24 years of game music experience, Mr. Lakawicz brings his unique technical abilities as a video gamer as well as his vast knowledge of video game history to the company.

As Principal Tubist, Mr. Lakawicz applies a great deal of technical skills and virtuosity to his treatment of Beta Test’s performances.  Additionally, he utilizes his Master’s of Tuba Performance degree to provide scholarly analysis and perspective to all of Beta Test’s products.

In his spare time, Mr. Lakawicz enjoys working on his blog (Classical Gaming), collecting vintage video games, and playing bass guitar.  He can be contacted via Twitter:  @stevelakawicz


doug02 Douglas Laustsen is a musician based in New Jersey. He is a cofounder of Beta Test and writes both original music and arrangements for the group. You’ll generally see him playing the trombone when he’s not re-watching creating large diagrams to untangle the complexity that is Grant Morrison.

Douglas is also an educator and host of a weekly radio program on WRSU-FM called Endless Possibilities. You can find out a whole lot more at his website or by following him on twitter.


Some of our other members will introduce themselves in a bit, including Brandon Frumolt (voice/guitar), Rob Tait (drums), Ben Mulholland (horn), and Mark Zelesky (saxophone/keyboard)

Other Beta Test performers in the past have included: Justin Bulava (clarinet/piano), Ellis Jasenovic (saxophones), James Kern (drums), Abby LaVecchia (piano),  Elizabeth Morgan-Ellis (harp), Thomas Lee (piano), and Brian Rascon (trumpet)